Richard A. Fiekowsky

Richard A. Fiekowsky
23836 Rolling Fork Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20882-2725
Telephone (301) 414-0159

Areas of Expertise

Systems engineer and software developer on PC, network, and mainframe platforms. Experienced in object-oriented, GUI, and client-server architectures, team development, cross-platform development.
Hardware: Mostly x86 PC, IBM mainframes, Unix stations, LANs, WANs. Also exp. with Unisys 1100, VAX, PDP, Prime 50 series, Cray, CDC mainframes, Novell networks, others. I have a NetBeui PC network.
Operating systems: Mostly Windows (3.1,95,NT3.51), PC-DOS, OS/2, VM, MVS, UNIX. Also exp. with VMS, COS, NOS, NOS/BE, others.
Software: Visual C++, Visual BASIC, Oracle SQL, ODBC, C, FORTRAN, REXX, OS JCL, CADAM, & CA-Clipper expertise. Can use the Windows 3.1 SDK. Can design, administer, and program Oracle databases.
Applications: I have developed industrial and corporate applications including decision support, data warehousing, logistics modeling, ship-overhaul project management, operations research, database administrator. Ready for new technologies.

Summary of Professional Experience

Sr. Programmer Analyst, Dyncorp, 8/95 - present.
Installation of Lotus Notes. Certified Lotus Notes R4 Administrator. Logical and physical database design and system architecture for data warehouse, using ERWin, Oracle7. Designed and wrote Visual Basic program to display RAW data via OLE. Created SQL scripts for database maintenance for Sybase 10 Novell/Win3x system.
Task leader for enhancement and maintenance of a budgeting system for the Department of Energy, in Clipper 5.2e on MS-DOS/Novell platform, using FUNCky, NetLib, Blinker.
Programmer/Analyst, MCI Telecommunications, (consultant) 6/94 - 6/95.
Design, development, and maintenance of Clipper application for order entry on LAN/WAN/Mainframe platform of OS/2 workstations, OS/2 file servers, and EHLLAPI access to CICS/DB2 mainframe apps.
Programmer/Analyst, KPMG Peat Marwick, Washington, DC., 3/94 - 6/94.
Design, development, and maintenance of Clipper 5.2c applications for mortgage-bond analysis on LAN platform of Novell and Unix file servers. Lotus 1-2-3, dBase data processing.
Lead Programmer, CACI, Inc., Arlington, VA., 3/93 - 3/94. Directed and performed conversion of Clipper 5.2 development from real-mode to protected-mode. First developer at CACI to break 640K barrier for XBASE programming. Developed object-oriented Clipper code to track ship overhaul projects. Used IBM PC clones and Clipper 5.2c, Blinker, Funcky II, Class(Y), RMAKE. Lead programmer (of six) responsible for specification, development, maintenance, and installation of networked system to perform logistics modelling. Used IBM PC and Clipper 5.01 & 5.2, Blinker. Converted FoxPro and Clipper code into C++/SQL code in front-end of large logistical database/graphics repository system. Used XTerminals and emulations, ObjectView, SQL.
Team Leader for Development, IBM Programming Solutions Division, Bethesda, MD (Consultant thru Comsys Technical Services), 1991 - 1993. Responsible for educating, managing, coordinating, and evaluating eight development contractors.
Responsible for some design, most coding, and all maintenance and enhancements for BookManager Object Presentation (BOPS). BOPS is cross-platform C code that provides object management, message-passing.
Liaison to IBM Inspect/370 Technical Support team. Developed and documented debugging techniques utilizing Inspect, Trace (PER).
Used C, VM, REXX, INSPECT, IBM PS/2, IBM mainframes.
Senior Programmer, CACI, Inc., Arlington, VA., 1990 - 1991.
Responsible for providing technical guidance, performing logistics analyses, and programming logistics modelling systems for NAVAIRSYSCO m to run the ACIM spare-parts optimization program, using IBM PCs and Clipper. Richard Fiekowsky (pg.3) Senior Programmer, IBM National Distribution Division, Montvale, NJ (Consultant), 1989 - 1990. Led project that designed and implemented system to project and improve sales and make quota assignments more quickly and accurately, using Clipper and IBM PCs. Designed database for system. Wrote Led project that designed and implemented system to coordinate sales, engineering, production, and logistics activities necessitated by new product introductions, using SQL/DS, IBM PCs, VM/CMS, and Wrote input function for survey response system, using SQL/DS, IBM mainframes, ISPF, and VM/CMS. Proprietor, CADD Systems Group, Inc., 1988 - 1989. Operated "PC Helpline" general PC consulting service. Installed and configured IBM PC hardware and software for office automation. Installed Novell network. CAD System Programmer, Consolidated Edison of New York (Consultant through ISL Inc.), 1985 - 1988. Interfaced in-house MVS IMS Drawing Control System to VM CADAM using REXX, FORTRAN, PL/I, MVS JCL, CADAM security system, GIM (CADAM API). Designed, tested, and documented system to exchange drawings between CAD systems, streamlining sales, repair, and maintenance activities, using FORTRAN, REXX, and VM/CMS. Designed and documented disaster response plan for IBM mainframe CAD system. Isolated and diagnosed user problems and interfaced to vendor service personnel. Designed and documented Test Plan for new releases. Implemented system to input scanned drawings. Consulting Programmer, various short contracts, 1984 - 1985. Converted applications from PRIMOS BASIC and FORTRAN to VM/CMS FORTRAN. Designed and wrote automatic FORTRAN converter. Wrote drivers fo From 1979 to 1984 I was a computer programmer on IBM mainframes and a variety of older systems, using FORTRAN, EXEC, JCL, Pascal, and COBOL and much more; details on request. Education Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, magna cum laude, from Georgia Institute of Technology, 1978.
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