Michael D. Livingston

Advisory R&D Specialist
Software AG Americas
Email: MLSSMike@aol.com
Professional Experience:
December, 1995 - Present: Advisory R&D Specialist, Software AG Americas. 
Developed several enhancements to the ADABAS database system, including
several hooks into the internals.  Modified interfaces that exist between
ADABAS and ADABAS Review performance monitor product.

May, 1991 - November, 1995: Software Development Specialist, Landmark Systems
Corporation.  Developed components of all of the products in the Performance
Series for MVS.  Coauthor of the Landmark internal task to task MVS
communications method.  Redeveloped major portions of the online interface to
the Performance Series.  Coauthor of the new Landmark File Services data
collection service.

June, 1988 - May, 1991: Systems Engineer - Software, Electronic Data Systems.
Developed I/O component and did MVS SP1 to MVS/XA conversion to EDS
Proprietary Relational Database Management Product.  Also developed a locator
system for CD/ROM parts catalog generation system. 

August, 1986 - June, 1988: Systems Engineer, Electronic Data Systems.
Installed MVS Program Products onto Timeshare system, including CA-Librarian,
and IBM's DFSORT.  Also developed several  Database applications in DBase

June, 1985 - August, 1986: Systems Engineer Development, Electronic Data
Systems.  Installed and maintained terminal hardware at several customer
sites in Washington, DC.  Upgraded all the hardware and trained the personnel
in the use and operation of the devices.

Data and Information Security, an Overview. Published in Pinnacle, Volume 2, Number 1, April, 1994 XCF - an Overview. Published in Pinnacle, Volume 2, Number 3, November, 1994. Technical Details Operating Systems: MVS, VM, MS-DOS, OS/2, MacOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95. Telecomunications: VTAM, SNA, XCF, TCP/IP. Databases: ADABAS Programming Languages: IBM Assembly Language, Natural, Intel Assembler, Quick BASIC, Visual BASIC, Rexx, Visual Rexx (VX-Rexx). References are available on request.

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