Diane Walker

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11430 Game Preserve Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1013
email: diane@walkersweb.org
A position as a website, PC, or mainframe software developer.

IBM PC, Lan Manager, 3COM LAN, IBM Mainframes, WANG


VX-REXX, VisProRexx, ACCESS, FOXPRO, Paradox, DB2, WordPerfect, Word for Windows, Lotus, TSO, ISPF, RACF, JCL, CMS, PROFS, VM/VTAM, S2K , CA-SuperProject, Microsoft Office, Front Page 98, DreamWeaver Flash5 with ActionScript

Visual Basic 4.0/5.0/6.0, REXX, VX-REXX, C/C++, Javascript, Java, PERL/CGI, HTML, Assembler, Cobol, Fortran, Exec2, Clist


Numerous independent contracts including web development and enhancements,mainframe software product support(Sybridge), PC development in OS/2 and Windows, C language development, ISPF development, facilities and project management, WANG systems and applications programming and administration. Developed and taught a class for the Sybridge product, a VTAM/NETVIEW automated operations application. Additional contracts include:

*     Wrote two animated children's games in FLASH5 using Action Script - these can be seen at cherubweeties.com.
*     Wrote a Javascript and PERL application to allow a restaurant to post and update a daily menu. This is online at CafeMilano.
*     Provided enhancements to Lizell's, a large furniture dealer's website, to take credit cards and to interface with their in-house ordering and inventory systems.
*     Added a message center for the bridge community - The Unofficial Okbridge Message Center written as a java servlet on my site.
*     Designed and developed a web site for a bridge professional at The Lynn Deas Bridge Site.
*     Completely reworked and fixed the web site for seniorpath - a site for seniors.
*     Was the primary architect and GUI designer for a large web-enabled application for the FDIC using Javascript, VBScript, and VB in a client-server environment.
*     Provided systems programming and administration on a WANG in support of a government contract. This includes responsibility for running and maintaining the WANG system (hardware and software), as well as the programming of enhancements and modifications to an application written in COBOL, running on the WANG and including Microsoft Basic and Clipper running on a networked Windows workstation linked to the WANG.
*     Part of team that developed a document-building system using both remote and local databases such as SQL Server and Access. This was developed on Win95 using Visual Basic 6.0.
*     Designed and developed web sites at the following locations:

Destiny Ranch, a bison ranch (no longer online)
Stockpoop, hot stocks and trading tips
Ace Websteads, web site construction

These sites are all original and use some combination of HTML, PERL, Java, Javascript. The graphics are all original, too (except the animated gifs).

*     Provided COBOL support including year 2000 fixes for a large mortgage company.
*     Provided system-level database support for SQL/DB2 and Ramis on a mainframe platform running VM/ESA.
*     Developed automated solutions for the execution of CICS applications for a large loan company. These solutions use SoftBridge and Attachmate emulation to start CICS applications, read and update the application screens.
Developed several data manipulation programs using Visual Basic in support of the user community.
Cleaned up and enhanced many Visual Basic and Access programs.
*     Designed and developed a database search using HTML and PERL for a photographer's web site. The site can be viewed at http://www.srbphoto.com/searchdb.html.
*     Provided CGI, Javascript, Java and HTML programming for an Italian auto dealership application.
*     Designed and developed web pages for my own personal web site. You can get there by pointing your browser to: Diane's home page.
*        Provided Project management for several contracts including Cobol development and hardware relocation. Made use of CA-SuperProject, Lotus and Excel.
*        Developed a bank teller training program in OS/2 Presentation Manager using IBM's Visual Age C/C++ and Borland C/C++ for OS/2. The system includes multimedia - both audio and video.
*        Developed many OS2 utilities using VX-REXX. Currently writing the game "Yahtzee" using VX-REXX to build the PM Application. This will be enhanced for network play and then rewritten in Visual Age C++.
*        Developed Visual Basic applications using OLE automation to parse documents written in Word Perfect and Word for Windows, and update Access database. Wrote translation routine to convert Word documents to ASCII.
*        Developed ad hoc banking applications using VisProRexx, integrating CMMouse to read mainframe screens. Pipes and semaphores were incorporated to allow different threads to communicate. Provided support to the banking community, writing programs for Paradox, Lotus, and Hyperwise, among others.
*        Developed set of utilities using Visual Basic and Access in a Windows environment for a commercial product.

Software Developer

Designed and wrote tracking utility for program fixes using a combination of REXX, C, Assembler, ISPF, and edit macros. These interfaced with ENDEVOR to provide source change tracking and management in a commercial software environment.

Designed and wrote automated system for generating SAS reports on the mainframe, and automatically downloading them to a PC for import to Lotus report generator.

Developed a series of test queries for SYBASE database using UNIX.

Program Developer
COMSYS, Rockville, MD.
IBM, Bethesda, MD.

Responsible for the design and development of C language programs on an IBM VM system to display softcopy books using OS2 Workstation, LAN Manager, VM/XA, VM/SP, C-370, Microsoft C, GDDM, REXX, Inspect Source Level Debugger, Codeview, PVCS.

Systems Programmer

Senior VM/XA and VM/SP systems programmer responsible for all areas of VM operating systems software, including DASD management, Security administration, capacity planning, performance and tuning, planning for hardware and software upgrades, and problem determination.

Designed and implemented system utilities in REXX and assembler in support of automated computer operations. Led team in field exercises for disaster recovery effort. Implemented and utilized 2nd level VM machine for testing, installations, and to satisfy quality assurance checklist.

Designed and implemented enhancements to operating system as needed or requested, including a network monitor, collection of accounting statistics, RACF security audit trails, collection of DASD utilization statistics, and automation of DDR backups. Administered RACF security system for both VM and MVS/ESA. Provided support to PC users including applications, file transfer, and batch files.

Systems Engineer

Systems Applications programming using assembler, Cobol, REXX, EXEC2, primarily for S2K Database Applications. Systems programming, support, and trouble-shooting for an Army installation running VM/SP and MVS/SP. Project leader for several development efforts.

Programmer Analyst

Applications Programming in Cobol for a large S2K Database applications.

CALCULON, Darnestown, MD.

Applications and Maintenance Programming in Cobol for a large DOE project.

B.A.,Sociology, C.W.Post College, Greenvale, NY, June, 1968.
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