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I'm looking for a position that requires the use of my design, implementation, and integration skills in an MVS development environment.

Landmark Systems Corporation Software Advisor, 1989 - present In general, an advisor is responsible for providing the technical input used by all levels of management in their decision making, for actual design and implementation of specific software components, and for providing technical supervision to development teams. Currently responsible for architecting and implementing the company's Sysplex product. This involves wrapping an object layer around several disparate product collection engines and producing a coherent view of the sysplex performance at an OS/2 workstation. I have generally been responsible for the design and development of Landmark's strategic services components (those used by all products). Major accomplishments in this area are DLS (the original Landmark inter-address space data logging service), QMS (an inter-process messaging service), the service director (an authorized service routing mechanism), and LFS (a high performance, more intelligent replacement for DLS). In my spare time, I helped develop a number of TSO based programmer productivity tools. Computer Associates Developer, 1987-1989 Primarily responsible for the development of the FastDASD IOS intercept component, which converted the product from a sampler to an actual DASD I/O monitor. Developed the STARTIO component used to acquire CACHE statistics. Also developed a result oriented ISPF interface for the product. Fannie Mae, Airline Tariff Corporation Senior Systems Programmer, 1983-1987 General sysprog tasks, including operating system maintenance and customization, trouble shooting, conversions (SP1 to SP2, VSE to MVS), hardware/software upgrades, DASD management, disaster recovery planning, system security, and program product related tasks. Developed strong performance and tuning skills. Optimum Systems Incorporated Systems Programmer, 1981-1983 Responsible for program products, including TMS (UCC-1) customization and maintenance. This led to increased responsibilities, including the conversion of system modifications during an MVS/SE2 to MVS/SP conversion. After numerous bad experiences with DASD failures, was assigned the task of designing and coding an in- house DASD testing program using EXCP. Storage Technology Corporation Regional Technical Support Specialist, 1972-1981 Trained in DASD, tape, add on memory, and solid state storage devices. Responsibilities included field repair and maintenance, technical supervision, and customer relations. SKILLS
* Design skills, from high level to detail * Technical leadership, keeping teams of people working toward the same goal * MVS address space design and implementation, including subsystems, subtask management, address space design, cross-memory and dataspaces * Extensive MVS I/O experience, including VSAM, QSAM, BDAM, BPAM, BSAM, EXCP and STARTIO. * MVS communications experience, including VTAM LU2 and LU6.2 (APPC), XCF, and inter-process communications via message queuing. * Thorough knowledge of MVS internals as related to both IPS and WLM performance and tuning * Languages include S/360/370/390 ALC, C, C++ (in OS/2), COBOL, REXX, TSO CLIST, TSO/ISPF programming, and OS/2 presentation manager programming * Proven implementation skills, with a reputation for writing code that requires very little maintenance References are available on request.
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