Our prayers are with all our fellow Americans and especially those who have lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy that has rocked our nation.


Graphic2 Hi! I'm Diane. I hope you enjoy the tour.

Graphic6In memory of jazz legend, Bob Curtis, also known as Bob Kitsis   09/05/1917 - 03/15/2004.
I miss you, dad.

Graphic6Here's a sound bite from "Fingerflexer", written and played(!) by Bob Curtis.
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Graphic6Happy Father's day, dad. Listen to Fingerflexer©, written, arranged and played by my dad. No it was NOT speeded up!
Graphic6Georgeous 3-bedroom timeshare for sale in Orlando, FL
Graphic6Barry's newest granddaughter, Elizabeth Ann Corwin, born March 12, 2007
Graphic6Good grief, I'm a grandma! Nov 21, 2006.
Graphic6Barry's grandchildren, Darianna and Doug, Jr. Nov 1, 2006.
Graphic6Check out the Slideshow of Shannon and Ricky's wedding May 29, 2006.
Graphic6Audra Kobiec's First Communion Slideshow May 7, 2005
Graphic6Mozart has cancer. Here is his story, May, 2005
Graphic6Bridge pictures: DC Nationals, July 2002
Graphic6Barry Family Pictures Assorted recent pictures of Barry's family.
Graphic6Niagara Falls 2002 Barry and Shannon's trip to New York and Niagara Falls
Graphic62002 Diane family pictures
Graphic6Mel Davis' Party 12/23/2001 - Slideshow
Graphic6Jimmy Casen's Bar Mitzvah 12/22/2001 - Slideshow
Graphic6Wishlist for America has only one item in it, but it's a must see!
Graphic6Send messages to your OKBridge friends at the The Unofficial OKBridge Message Center.
Graphic6My nostalgia page, Yesterdays. Just some pics at the Bayberry Club, Glen Cove, NY.

Meet the menagerie

Caution: these links contain pictures and may take a while to load!

Graphic4Come to the Walker Zoo where you'll meet my husband, Barry and see more of me. You'll meet his family including his daughters Jenniferand Shannon, his son (rated R) Colin. And you'll meet my family including my son Jeff (of TONIC fame).

Graphic5And last, but not least, you can visit the petting zoo. You'll meet Lisa and Mozart, the two best dogs in the world. And you'll meet our cat collection. You can also meet other denizens of the wild Walker Zoo.


Graphic6Take a look at dibasoft, my company website. Dibasoft does all manner of computer consulting, web design and programming. Need a website? Need help with your computer? I can help.

Graphic6From Cobol programming, to systems programming to contracting and consulting to owning my own company, you're invited to read my resume.

Graphic7 You can read Barry's resume too.

Who is DIBA? And what the heck is "dibaware"?

Graphic8DIBA Software Consultants is my computer consulting company. The term dibaware refers to our collection of really neat OS/2OOLS. Come on in and browse.




Graphic9Surf over to okbridge to find out about the great job Matt Clegg has done to allow real people to play bridge in real time on the internet!

Graphic10Visit Diane's Bridge Page for a really tough double dummy problem. You'll also find links to other hot bridge sites plus a picture of Merle Tom.


Graphic11I love to ski. I just don't get to go often enough. My favorite places to ski on the east coast are Killington and Mt. Snow. Here is a picture of me skiing at Killington. Caution:This link may take a while to load!


Graphic12I love to cook. Pssst, if you visit my kitchen, I'll show you some recipes. I don't claim to be a gourmet cook (who's got the time?), but I make some really good food.


Graphic13I am an avid reader. I also used to write a little poetry. Feel free to browse in my library. You'll find (gasp!) some of the poems I have written.


Graphic14I play the piano. Not as well as my dad, and not as well as I'd like, but I am fairly accomplished at it. Someday (hopefully soon) there will be a link to a .wav file here.


What's OS/2?

Graphic16OS/2 is IBM's operating system for the PC. IMHO (in my humble opinion), it is the BEST operating system for PC's currently available today. Visit Diane's OS/2 Page to find links to a bunch of other neat OS/2 pages.

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